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The Bays @ Darling Harbour, 14/01/09 as part of Films Afloat

January 18, 2009

I have been to plenty of Sydney Festival stuff (and not so Sydney Festival stuff) as well as coming across a lot of things to blog about. Needless to say – I’ll be posting quite a bit for the next couple of days of the gigs / things I’ve been doing, so be warned for a bit of action on njv (from me at least).

So the first taste of the Sydney Festival was a free offering on the water of Darling Harbour on a starry night. This band has never hit our shores (no pun intended) prior to tonight, and from the festival write up, these guys like to keep obscure with a revolving lineup. They seem to have a philosophy of making no recordings, have no rehearsals and no set plan for their shows and performances.

This time around for this performance – the band were reacting musically to what was happening with the film Run Lola Run. For those who have seen this movie, it’s a pretty intense film and is pretty high paced. I was expecting the same from The Bays as they were playing in reaction to what they were seeing

The Bays decided a techno / drum and bass set was what the film needed through most of the screening and in many ways this sat well when Lola was on the run in the film. There was also a part of the film which I felt was an interesting climax (in the early part of the film) where Lola gets shot. At this point, Lily Dior came out on stage and gave a unique twist on events by singing a verse of cabaret or two, which I thought worked quirkingly well.

The Bays fell silent during the film’s more subtle moments, or just gave their stock standard fare of drum and bass with it’s peaks, troughs and climaxes throughout the film in it’s latter stages – and not too much else however. Maybe the film could have been slightly more interesting to watch if the styles were varied a bit.

That didn’t deter from the excellent display of improvisation that the band put on display. The Bays really did leave the crowd pleased no end with this unique performance, and hopefully more innovative event organisers should think about putting on performances in the same scope as the Films Afloat series.

The Bays website

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Sydney Festival website

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