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Metronomy, Pivot & Totally Michael @ Hyde Parks Barracks, 15/01/09 (Popfrenzy Night – Sydney Festival)

January 19, 2009

Let’s get the first act out of the way nice and quickly – I only saw 3 songs of Totally Michael. That was 2 songs too much. Why the hell did Popfrenzy decide to have a lame arse American dude strutting on stage rapping badly about cheerleaders? I think the less written about this guy, the better. I’ll just leave that at that.

Pivot turned my mood around 180 degrees though when they hit the stage. This band really are doing grand things for themselves at the moment. They powered through a set of songs mainly from O Soundtrack My Heart. There were a few new tracks (or covers? I’m not sure.) utlising the vocoder, emulating a much more angular Mogwai without the huge guitar amp sound. In fact, I think you could see that the band are getting into their synths a bit more in their evolution. “Didn’t I Furious” and “In The Blood” were played with all the raw power that you could imagine, while the title track to their second album was delicately played. There was small interaction with the crowd but that was made up for it in what they were relaying in the music. Only disappointment was the lack of any songs from Make Me Love You.

The headlining act, Metronomy were an example stage hands / lighting guys ruining a semi good music set. Now I wouldn’t know if this was a request from the band or something else altogether, but there were hardly any lights being projected onto the band at all. Therefore, 99% of the crowd could not see them due to trio being in pure darkness! Sure, you may have weird pseudo lights on your shirts that make you look like some wanky 2009 version of ET. I may as well be sitting at home reading a book listening to this music rather than watching an un-watchable band perform it. It sucked the life of the set really and just got really annoying three quarters through the set. This, despite hearing some pretty good solid, beat driven indie in the form of tunes like “Radio Ladio” and “Heartbreaker“.

It was a disappointing end to an up and down night as the crowd also seemingly turned from a quaint, pleasurable crowd to watch Pivot in, into a mass of douches while Metronomy were playing. It got too annoying, and as such more or less left with what I think was half an hour left.

Maybe it was just an off night for the Sydney Festival, who normally put on nights of quality. I’ve lost a small bit of faith for Popfrenzy however, which is a bit of a shame.

Popfrenzy website myspace
Sydney Festival website

Metronomy website myspace
Pivot website myspace
Totally Michael website myspace

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