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St Vincent @ The Famous Speigeltent 16/01/09

January 21, 2009

The longing distant alone figure of Annie Clark aka St. Vincent in the Speigeltent was a bit of a far cry from the lush orchestrations of Marry Me. She also is well known for being a part of the Polyphonic Spree army as well as guitarist in Sufjan Stevens’ band. On her trip to Australia (also for the Sydney Festival) we had here a woman on her own along with a drum machine, some brilliant song in her own right and rocking behaviour. She’s also very, very cute – and I so wanted to ask her for coffee later on the night.

Um, yeah, back to the music. The tracks Anne were playing seemed to be very reminiscent of rocking it out Omar Rodriguez style – but far cuter (there’s that word again) and quiveringly wholesome. Now Now played without the choir was very fresh to the ears and made me think a little about what the tune was until she got to the chorus. Annie has a wonderful milky voice as well which was very much on display in Marry Me John, and Jesus Saves, I Spend. As well as the solo electric guitar, Annie would sometimes suddenly beat a random, out of the blue stomp from her feet in time with the music which grabbed the attention of those who mind could have wandered.

These quirky little instances and the odd clap a long, made for good sit down fun. I could have only wondered what a full show with the whole orchestration would have been like. A new untitled track from a forthcoming album also showed some awesome promise. Alas, we only got her solo, but it will be wonderful to hear this kind of material with an orchestral backing and full set up.

Did I mention how awesomely cute Annie is?

St. Vincent – “Now Now” (mp3)
St. Vincent website myspace
Sydney Festival website

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