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Nick’s Favourite Driving Music or Nick Couldn’t Think of Anything Else to Write About

January 23, 2009

Sorry I’ve been away for a bit but while I’ve been lying on the beach I see Phil has been pretty busy which is nice. I thought I should post something since its been a while but then I realised I didn’t have any specific thing to write about it. Although I have been driving alone a lot over the past few days (against the recommendation of my mechanic) and with driving comes good music. Windows down, hot weather, driving music I might add so here is some of the best music to drive too. At least in the summer.

The Hold Steady
Craig Finn has that kind of sneering, shouting vocal delivery that is hard not to sing along with. The guitars pretty much push your car windows down and the lyrics are always clever enough to make you smile. There is something about this band that makes you want to drive fast with a multitude of causalities. Don’t do that though.

Girl Talk
It’s like a party in your car but only you’re invited! Commercial hip-hop never sounded better than when mixed with a nostalgic/indie/obscure hit! It’s too bad one of my speakers blew up so when you turn the bass up it goes ‘BRRRRRRRRRRRRRR’ and makes you think the car is going to blow up.

The Decemberists
I was gonna put Neutral Milk Hotel here but when you play their songs in my iPod it ALWAYS plays them in the wrong order for some reason. Besides Colin Meloy pretty much apes Jeff Mangum in his vocal style and he has that ‘eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ sound that is fun to sing. The swirling acoustic guitars are also lovely for when your stuck behind a terribly slow driver and its all so soothing.

Bedroom pop at its most refined. It’s so cruisy and has some pretty unique, if very hard to mimic vocals. Listening to “Panda” while driving in the sunshine is pretty great too. Although this is also good music to fall asleep too. You’ve been warned.

So wow, what an important and informative post from me here at njv! I will miss you when you go get serviced again next week car and perhaps we will have more fun times together soon.

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