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Big Day Out 2009 in Melbourne, Australia Day

January 27, 2009

bdo age
This was a strange day. I was working the gate until 4pm scanning tickets which was interesting, mainly for the people watching and a pretty good way to get a free ticket, I only managed to catch a little bit of Beaches in my break and they were more comfortable than at their Meredith set and were fun but I had to head back to work. So many Australian flags and so so many tickets to scan. When done I raced over to see TV on the Radio, I missed the first half but the second half was pretty great anyway. Creating some great sounds with their multitude of equipment, their experimental side definitely sounds different from record but not bad, only different. They were energetic and played a great set with the only annoyance being the volume of several instruments seeming to fluctuate. No idea if this was intentional but it was annoying.

Afterwards I met up with Alexandra (finally!), got some food and came back to watch a bit of My Morning Jacket. They were energetic and the classic rock guitar sounded great, as well as the reverb drenched vocals. I would have liked to have seen more but I really wanted to see The Drones. Turns out they were pretty great (as usual). Played an awesome set list full of new songs, opening with “Nail it Down” and I finally got to see “The Minotaur” live which ruled. Minimal banter and just sweet rocking, Gareth looked tortured while the rest of the band were well into it (eyes closed and all). Fantastic set and possibly best of the day.

Big Day Out has Hare Krishna by the way, I completely forgot until I went to get food and it was a good moment in my life. I was going to watch Cut Copy but it was too crowded so I walked over to the main stage(s) to wait for Arctic Monkeys. Their new songs sounded a bit flat but their hits were fun, particularly when they played jangly stop start chords and sang observations in a funny accent, ie most of the set. The band seemed a little unmoving  but still an enjoyable set and their Nick Cave cover was interesting.

I sort of watched Neil Young from a distance while sitting and talking and he seemed good. I’m not a big fan but if I had been up closer it probably would have been a great show. It was one of those cases where I knew lots of songs but not exactly sure where I had heard them before. Later had the displeasure of hearing some of The Prodigy (‘fuck yeah, let’s get this fucking riot goin’ innit!!!) but had the pleasure of seeing I had not received any parking tickets. A fun day but not really that big, more medium sized. ha Ha HA!

Photo from The Age

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  1. Leigh permalink
    February 5, 2009 7:25 am


    “My car isn’t far away…”

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