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Alexandra’s Best of 2008!

February 3, 2009

I haven’t really spent much time at home over the last couple of weeks (working in retail at Christmas time is a bitch!) but when I saw Nick had done a ‘Favourite things’ list, I figured that I too would like to jump on his bandwagon and give it a shot!

(The blurb above is from December. I have been lazy since then, and then was told this was still a draft saved to the site! I have found a burst of writing-energy and have finally finished it, 2 months late!)

Favourite Festival

V Festival 2008, Royal Melbourne Show Grounds

Venue was amazing, and the line up was even better, with Smashing Pumpkins, Queens of the Stone Age, Presets, Duran Duran and one of my favourite bands in the whole entire world – Jesus and Mary Chain! Saw Little Red live for the first time and was completely entertained by seeing Mikey Shoes from Queens of the Stone Age watching the Chain from the side of the stage! Weather was mint and it was one of the first over 18’s festivals I went to after my birthday, so it does hold some sentimental value.

Favourite Show
Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band @ The Palace – 02/10/03
Although I did attempt to string some words together about this mind-blowing experience – WORDS CANNOT EXPLAIN! It was completely enthralling and like no other gig I have been to. Perfect venue, perfect crowd, and perfect band! Everyone came away with their jaws on the floor, stunned by Conor’s flawless performance.
Closely followed by Adam Green @ East Brunswick Club, 14/12/08.Review coming soon!

Favourite Film
I am going to sound completely ‘uncultured’, but I didn’t see much film this year, and those films I did see didn’t really float my boat.

Favourite TV Series
Gossip Girl
It’s about bitchy, rich kids from Manhattan that sleep around and wear haute couture to school.It’s a complete steaming pile….but so addictive! Xoxo Gossip Girl!

Favourite Album that wasn’t in my Top 10 List

My Disco – Paradise
Nick put this in his list, and it wasn’t till I saw his list that I was like ‘Ahhh! God Damn it!’ This album is a freakin’ awesome album! It’s minimalistic, but dark, dirty and incredibly unforgiving and harsh in moments. I bought the album on a whim, and listened to it non-stop for weeks.

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  1. Philippe permalink
    February 3, 2009 1:08 pm

    V Fest was your fave festival last year?

    I thought it was the worst!

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