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The Hold Steady with The Vasco Era @ The Corner Hotel – 2/2/09

February 4, 2009

New favourite band? I think so. But before I get to The Hold Steady I should probably mention The Vasco Era. As usual they were tight, funny and energetic and they even dedicated a song to internet bloggers. I couldn’t tell if it was a positive or negative dedication though but cheers dudes. This band needs some more attention as they are really are one of best bands doing that bluesy rock sound at the moment and “Honey Bee” is just fantastic live. Release some more stuff please guys. Also they made me excited for going to Apollo Bay next week, perhaps I will run into them there.

The Hold Steady came out and opened with “Stuck Between Stations” and from this point onwards I was pretty enthralled, as was the rest of the crowd. Never at a gig have I seen the people know the words to so many songs and Craig Finn sings a lot of different words so it was quite impressive. Speaking of Craig Finn, he is one excitable dude, with his half yelled vocal delivery and crazy preacher sort of stage style. Not to mention his awesome dance moves. Keyboardist dude also did his best at looking like a crazy rock n’ roll French waiter with moustache to boot and the mostly calm bass player looks very much like Andy Samberg. Such a happy band.

They played a set spanning all their albums and the whole venue was just electric. The band had so much energy, seemed so excited to be back in Melbourne and playing a ‘rock club’ and now I think this is sort of band I would follow around the country if I were rich. Their classic rock sound works wonders live and the venue suited the lyrics nicely as well. It’s all prose about drinking, girls and rock music so The Corner was a good fit. “Joke About Jamica” was completely rad live and the solo was epic while closing with “Slapped Actress” was a great idea with the whole venue singing along with the oooh-ohhs; even the cool dads that were present. Coming back for encore Finn made things even better with a little speech about how fantastic it is to play to live and how they appreciate their fans. It was nice and then they finished with a huge version of “Killer Parties”. Seriously amazing gig.

(Note that phones take bad pictures)

The Vasco Era Myspace
The Hold Steady Myspace

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  1. James permalink
    February 5, 2009 12:37 am

    Ah, I really wanted to see these guys (they played in Sydney last night), as I’ve heard such great things about them, but sadly I had a work meeting. :(

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