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Another Muxtape update

February 5, 2009

I was a bit slow in catching up with this, but I kind of have an obligation considering I’ve been following the story of Muxtape here on njv for a while. The latest chapter being – Muxtape is up an happening with their new format. As the CEO – Justin Oulette says, it’s “a minimalist platform for bands to promote their music and listeners to create mixes”.

The guys seem to be still just testing the system out, so I suppose it will be still a bit of while until we see any action at all in terms of utilising the site. But nevertheless it looks promising despite being a little restrictive due to those evil major record companies.

Some of the artists who seem to have given permission for their tracks are a good bunch – people like Girl Talk, Francis And The Lights, Reggie Watts and Amanda Palmer have some great tracks up online to just listen to. Head off there and check it out also for the lesser known acts (artists like Cexman and Adron) which have caught my ear and I’ll probably write about more about those guys on njv in the future.

Muxtape website

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