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Jay Reatard and No Age double headline @ The Corner Hotel (Melbourne) 30/01/09

February 5, 2009

I discovered both Jay Reatard and No Age a little later than a lot of their other fans, but after thrashing Jay Reatard’s ‘Blood Visions (2006) and No Age’s ‘Nouns’ (2008) for the last eight or so much, no disgustingly hot and sticky night could take away from my excitement!
Of the two headliners, Los Angeles duo No Age graced the stage first. With only drums and guitar, this band creates a ruckus of noise and power, their alternative, punk-esque songs coming to life with a static disorganisation! Dean Allen Spunt’s unrefined and perfectly out-of-tune vocals added to the hectic mess. Though, something that added to the charm of the duo’s performance is their completely daggy attitudes! They encouraged the crazy to stage dive for a free No Age tee shirt, though instead when one concert-goer jumped on stage, Randy Randall handed him his guitar. Whether genuine or not, they praised the crowd, claiming them to be ‘way cooler’ than Sydney, and even gave a shout out to the Indian Restaurant down the street, clearly amused by the name, ‘Curry Munchers’. Plus, it was awesome to hear ‘Teen Creeps’, my favourite song, live! I could have watched them forever, though their 40 minute set had to come to an end, as Jay Reatard was next!
Oh. My. God! Words cannot explain how awesome he was, but seeing as this is a written review, I am going to have to try. Jay is a very angry man, but it’s this pissed-off energy that helps bring his fast-paced punk songs to life! Armed with some rather hairy musicians by his side, on bass and drums, the trio rattled off song after song, Jay calling out each name, not so much for the audience to know the name, but so his fellow musician knew what one to play. I am not all that great with remembering set lists, but in there was ‘See/Saw’, ‘Oh It’s Such A Shame’, ‘My Shadow’, ‘Hammer I Miss You’ , ‘Nightmares’, his 40 minute set crammed full of his songs from the Matador singles and Blood Visions albums. There is something highly strung about his performance, as if he is going to snap at any moment, though this only seemed to add to the intrigue. On finishing his set, Jay took the opportunity for a little crowd-surfing action, though there was a gap in the crowd, between those at the front, testing his patience, and those who like to admire from afar, and when jumping into the crowd, he found himself landing straight on the ground. Though, he picked himself up and was eventually carried back to the stage, before storming off in a flurry of curly hair and red jeans.
(This review is also at the[AU]review!)
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  1. Philippe permalink
    February 5, 2009 10:35 pm

    Hey everyone – I think Alex likes Jay Reatard, maybe :P

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