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Laura Stevenson And The Cans – A Record (2008)

February 7, 2009

I got into this record basically by stumbling by the Quote Unquote records website while looking for something else to write about. This label deserves a blog post themselves, most artists release their stuff completely free to download through the label – a donation is recommended when you download as the label purely survives on the funds coming in from those funds alone, but as you can see, they are lovingly all about making the music available for the masses. The artist which grabbed my attention the most in their roster was Laura Stevenson And The Cans (a lot of their other talent deserve a few posts as well, which I hope to do later on in weeks to come). This was because someone I knew in NYC mentioned their live show as amazing once in an online chat I was having

Laura Stevenson hails from Brooklyn and has played her heart out at many a show in The Big Apple’s digs. This erm, record (well – it really is a mini LP) is a little nut-housey but a little unknown cracker of a release. Laura took this listener through some beautiful vocal melodies and beautiful arrangements. A Record emulates a female voiced Neutral Milk Hotel – with a dash of Ramones in there as well. Nice simple folk qualities are on here with “Baby Bones” but you’re in for a surprise with many of the other tracks.

Laura doesn’t shy away from the distortion pedal, and this is where I think she shines. “Source And The Sound” swirls through organs before the crunchy distortion comes 2 minutes in. The band trawl through a lo-fi punk sound too, which gets a run through in “The Landslide Song / The Dig”. Some could normally argue that a release like this would be little disjointed with it’s knack for jumping to various genres, but Laura’s beautiful voice and complementary unique instrumentation fully makes up for it in addition to the whole outfit displaying great musical versatility.

Laura Stevenson And The Can – A Record
Laura Stevenson myspace website
Quote Unquote records (donate a few bucks to them here as well).

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