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The Vandas (with Sister Jane, Jarvis Jay and Fearless Vampire Killers) @ the Espy (Melbourne) 6/02/09

February 7, 2009

It was a warm, pretty sticky night, but it was a Friday, so many turned out to St Kilda’s (in)famous Esplanade hotel to catch a line-up of some fine Australian talent.
First up for the night was a bluesy rock and roll quintet from Sydney, called Sister Jane. With well-written songs bought to life with strong, windy guitar and hectic organ riffs, this band channelled the Doors, through their music and demeanour. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and I’d think Jim to be somewhat chuffed. With this show being the bands first trip to Melbourne, I’d like to think they were happy with the reception, their 60’s inspired songs holding everyone’s attention.
Next to grace the Front bar stage was Jarvis Jay (soon to be Shaman Son). Present in their songs are a mess hectic guitar, booming drums and haunting vocals, reminiscent of the Smashing Pumpkins, with the dark thematics to match. The somewhat grungy tunes of Jarvis Jay were erratic and loud, even the slower numbers carrying a somewhat intimidating amount of strength.
Third to play tonight was the Fearless Vampire Killers with their bluesy, country-esque rock songs about trains, monkeys, woman and other evil being with an ingenious pop sensibility, making them fun to sing and easy to dance to. Every time I had seen this band perform, they have been full of vigour and bravado, and even with it being the new bassist first public performance with the band, no element to the set was lacking.
Then of course were headliners, The Vandas. They played to a room thick of people moving and shaking to the alt-country rock and roll songs they belted out, one after the other, with dirty guitar ringing out Rolling Stones-esque riffs. As homage to their name sake, the band performed a blistering cover of The Easybeats’ hit, “I’ll Make You Happy”. What adds to this bands performance is their casual and laid back presence, letting everyone know they’re there for fun and part of the party happening around them.
The Vandas MySpace
Fearless Vampire Killers MySpace
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Sister Jane MySpace
(This is also at the[AU]review!)
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