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Faux Pas – Waterfalls EP (2008)

February 9, 2009
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My other blog – Luckybuster is undergoing a few changes at the moment. One of the main things I’m doing is bringing all (yup all 4 of them so far) album reviews over here to njv as I want to kinda concentrate on devoting my time to album and live reviews here (and maybe the odd bit of news) and focus more on doing Australian band profiles over there. Hope you don’t mind!

So in this mass (ie – 4 post) importation from that blog I bring to you firstly, Faux Pas:

Faux Pas (aka Tim Shields from out of Melbourne) has this way of giving you a beat and not holding any responsibility for what is a great melody, motifs and whatnot. “Chasing Waterfalls”, from his very free EP Waterfalls is a piece of electronica mastery that parkles and jumps around crazily. The amount of stuff that happens in this track is all a frenzy, and is somewhat, too busy at times. This is all not too important though when Faux Pas changes tack here and there on this song and more or less gives the listener a new sense of listenable feeling every four or so bars. The middle eight of this track is so so dreamy, reminding you of stars and the night sky, then a sort of weird build up happens with hooks and cutesy sounds spurting at you. All this while still staying wildly lush.

Seeing that this is a review of the EP and not this particular outstanding track, it needs to be said that there are also some quality other remixes on this release. “Rose’s Lament” (A remix of Inquiet’s track “Rose Rose”) and “Live From Doom” lend themself to the more experimental spacial Faux Pas, while “Renfield’s Dream” (another remix of an Underlapper track) has this beautiful piano line that kind of runs through a gaunlet of percussion and rhythm. Waterfalls is definately something worth donating some money even though being totally available for free.

Um, hes the one in the middle

(Um, he’s the one in the middle BTW)

Faux Pas website myspace facebook blog (Tim has a pretty huge web presence. He’s everywhere really. I’m sure you can navigate through to many other Faux Pas places on the web from there)

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