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Primal Scream @ Billboard the Venue (Melbourne), with Wolf & Cub 08/02/09

February 10, 2009

I was excited. Super excited! More excited than I have been for most gigs I have been to recently because, well, it was PRIMAL FREAKIN’ SCREAM!
I realise that what I have just said isn’t all that profession journalism, but I cannot help gushing about this band; an act I have loved forever and never thought I would have the opportunity to see in all their glory, and with Billboards dimly lit with red and blue lighting, the perfect scene was set for the Scottish band to tear it up!
Opening the night was Adelaide’s Wolf & Cub, with a set of many new tunes; full of the psychedelic guitar and the booming of two drums kits, what they are known for. This band has a reputation for their electrifying live performances, something of which I have been witness to several times before, though tonight they were flat, frontman Joel even admitting that they “couldn’t be fucked tonight”, his presence on stage a rather negative one, even crowd-pleasers ‘This Mess’ and ‘Thousand Cuts’ were missing that spark that makes people dance like mad. Though, they still managed to show some promise in the new songs, coming from a new long-play due sometime this year.
With a flash of deep red lighting, the Glaswegians graced the stage to the opening spoken voice of ‘Kill All Hippies’, the ultimate set-starter to get the party into motion. The newer songs of ‘Beautiful Future’ and the older ones we all know and love mixed seamlessly, each song sounding just as a classic as the next. The atmosphere was electric, but when ‘Swastika Eyes’ began, the whole room moved. It was loud, and with the elaborate light show, I’m surprised they didn’t induce any fits! The band so naturally moved from rock and roll number to upbeat dance track, front man Bobby Gillespie dancing around with a giant grin on his face.
In between songs, bassist Gary “Mani” Mounfield would jump on Bobby’s microphone, to let everyone know that we were “fookin’ great”! One particular highlight was ‘Movin’ on Up’, despite lacking the harmonic backing vocals prominent on the ‘Screamadelica’, their performance was blistering, and when matched with the red and yellow light, was one of those ultimate, idyllic concert moment you manage to experience every once in awhile. What added to Primal Scream’s show was, it wasn’t as if they were just some band, going through the motions, but they clearly put their whole selves into the songs they were playing, clearly passionate about what they were doing and enjoying themselves, refreshed and feeding off of the crowd’s excited energy!
Primal Scream’s MySpace
Wolf & Cub’s MySpace
(Like usual, this and more at the[AU]review!)
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  1. Anonymous permalink
    February 12, 2009 11:59 pm

    I agree, awesome gig, awesome band. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to see them 8 or 9 times and they are one of the great live bands. Sure they are slowing up slightly but the energy and songs combine for a unique dirty rock dance fest.

    My ears and pulse was racing for hours after this gig and the smile on my face still remains.

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