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The Catholics – Village (2007)

February 11, 2009

This worldly group of musicians from all over the place, both geographically and musically. I’ve read drummer, Hamish Stuart mentioning that this outfit (out of the hundreds he plays in) is “a family of sorts… a very special band”. Lloyd Swanton’s baby, this outfit really know what it is to work with superlative artists, clearly devoted to the joy of melody, of rhythm; in fact the sheer beauty of sound. This is pretty much well rounded up in this album.

One could mistake this for a world music album, such is the amount of percussion and organic sounds that are on this album. Probably a little too much to be put in the Jazz section of the record store. This was what Village was intending to do I presume, returning The Catholics to their trademark fusing of jazz (albeit the slight distinct sounds of it) with various dance grooves of different cultures and styles, a meld which. From the mid-sixties blue note boogaloo of “Half A Shark” and “The Cumbia Of Salaam”, through towards the tones of the African and Pacific Island lands, this really does run the gamut of great musicianship. A ecstatic and sensual album, imbued with a interesting and slightly weird quirky jazz hilarity.

No website for this great band could be found at the time of writing. Yes even google brought up nothing. Any help is appreciated.

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