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The Clientele – Strange Geometry (2005)

February 13, 2009

This one one of the few albums I’ve recently bought without having any idea what it will sound like. The Clientele had been on my recommended artists list on for a while, and I chose the album to buy by finding the one with the nicest cover and song names. Nothing wrong with that, right? Well, regardless, it worked out terrifically, and I went home with a truly excellent record of nice British bedroom pop.

I pretty much can’t stop listening to the first twenty seconds of opener Since K Got Over Me, there’s just something desparately sweet about it. There is a running theme through the album, and K is mentioned a number of times, clearly somebody on vocalist Alasdair McLean’s mind.

Speaking of vocals, McLean’s voice is one of the things that lures me to the album over and over again. Kind of smoky and mellow, it actually reminds me a little of Peter Moren (of Peter Bjorn & John) at times, except with a different accent, of course.

To be perfectly honest, I haven’t actually listened to the whole second half of the album very much at all, but I keep meaning to. The problem is, the first half is so good! Also, it’s the perfect album for going to sleep to, and generally I don’t make it terribly far before, well, falling asleep, so I miss a fair bit.

I’d be interested to get their latest offering, 2007’s God Save the Clientele, as they added some new instrumentation, and apparently it’s more upbeat. Now, to find it on vinyl…

The Clientele website, MySpace.

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