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The Kooks @ The Palace (Melbourne) 8/01/09

February 13, 2009

I love the Kooks, and unfortunately missed them when they toured in the middle of 2008, and so when a second Australian tour was announced, I was pretty excited to finally have the opportunity to see this band live, and with their most recent effort, ‘Konk’, being a favourite 2008 release of mine, I was interested to see what they would do to the catchy pop numbers in the flesh.
As soon as the Kooks hit the stage, you notice that these four boys are performers, they know exactly what to do, and how to get their predominantly female crowd worked up and into a frenzy, in particular front man Luke Pritchard, two songs in the tailored suit jacket is off, with a thin and tattered t-shirt underneath.
Their set was laden with their easy listening and memorable tunes, the audience singing along to each number played, their set consisting of ‘Naive’, ‘Do You Wanna’, ‘Eddie’s Gun’, ‘Jackie Big Tits’ and first single of the most recent album ‘Always Where I need To Be’, with many wetting their pants with excitement when those first few notes of ‘She Moves In Her own Way’ were strummed out on Hugh’s guitar. Though, to me each song just fell flat, just short of the mark. I could see many there were amped on the fact they were just there, but to me despite an obvious amount of effort put into the performance by the band, something was completely boring about their indie pop tunes I usually love. It was fun to hear the songs live, but to they were lack-lustrous and unexciting, good but not great like I had heard, hoped them to be. The thing that made it slightly more disappointing was that it clearly was not a bad night or lack-of-enthusiasm problem with the four English four-piece, it just didn’t blow me away at all.
(Also found at, along with a shite load more, the[AU]review!)
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