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The Lonely Island – Icredibad (2009)

February 17, 2009

Comedy albums must be tough. Do you want people to laugh or do you want them to sing along? Both perhaps? The Lonely Island is three dudes who were all involved with Saturday Night Live to some extent, you probably know Andy Samberg already from various movies or TV Shows plus there are two other guys Akiva Scahffer and Jorma Taccone. They are both rad too. Andy could he be cast as the frontman here but all jokes are shared pretty equally, he’s just the most famous.

Ridiculous synths and beats dominate things here, it’s so over the top but yet it is not too dissimilar from many modern pop numbers. Perhaps that is the joke hey? Oh and the lyrics too; they’re pretty funny. Rap must be easy to make fun off but these guys do such a good job, “I’m On A Boat” makes fun of cash flashing rappers but then they snagged T-Pain for the hook? Whaat? These dudes be famous. In fact there are guests galore and not just auto-tuned superstars, in fact you’ve got Julian Casablanca, Natalie Portman, Jack Black and more. Some of the songs are old but it doesn’t really matter as many many people won’t have heard them (such as me for one). Some of the songs are not too funny but the hits are great so who cares, it’s a comedy album not everything has to be perfect.

“Lazy Sunday” is radical, with Chris Parnell guesting and busting out some hilarious rhymes about going to see the Chronicles of Narnia. “Like a Boss” is so stupid yet still hilarious. Probably the craziest and of the best things on here is the title track. Cheesy rock riff beat with lyrics about having a 4 way with an alien. Eh? “3 way climax, BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!” oh god, I dare you not to laugh. I’m guessing this all sounds really not funny in writing so perhaps you are just best to check this album out. At the very least you will get a few laughs from it and at the most a hilarious party album.

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The Lonely Island – Incredibad

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