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The artist formally known as….

February 19, 2009

This is pretty old hat, but I’m bored, so what the hey.

Santogold’s people came out and said that she was changing her name from Santogold to Santigold. Whoopdy fuck, a WHOLE FREAKIN’ VOWEL! Her people didn’t go on about it and were all like ‘NO FURTHER COMMENTS WILL BE MADE’ because “people” can be like that, turns out there was a lawsuit because some washed up 80’s ‘cult icon’ called Santo Gold got all narky about it, which is fair enough I ‘spose because if someone stole my name I’d be a bit snappy about it too. But the reason as to why this dude is an ‘icon’ is what ammuses me the most. He was from infomercials, he was one of them annoying bitches that try to sell you anti ageing cream, a crazy set of 1000 knives, those feather dusters on long sticks or whatever ‘life changing’ inventions they had back in the 80’s. Anyway, dude goes on about how she used his name to get famous and also is angry at Diplo ‘coz he says ‘Santogold’ in one of his raps or some shit. I only hope that we will remember that crazy iSelect girl 20 years from now. Anyway, Santigold makes more sense, seeing as the female singer/songwriter/rapper/girl in question’s name is actually Santi. Logic!

Here is the article from the LA Times.

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