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My Disco with Naked on the Vague @ RRR Performing Space 21-02-09

February 22, 2009

my disco
First off, the RRR Performing Space is really cool. Down in Brunswick in an old looking brick building on a corner but inside are nice polished wooden floors and a distinct modern yet warm look (not pictured, as I forgot my camera…). I walked in on room of teenagers and adults (all ages gig) sitting cross legged on the floor watching Naked on the Vague. It was a nice sight to see so many people interested but also so relaxed. I only saw the last two songs but they seemed intense, a duo making some droning noise with hints of melody and guitar stabs. They made a lot of noise for just two people and it was something a few people up front really seemed to be losing themselves too. I was entertained and am keen to check out a full set by them in the future.

I’m only familiar with My Disco’s latest effort Paradise, so any songs they didn’t play off that last night I’m just going to assume were new as I hear these guys don’t like to play old stuff. More importantly this band is fucking loud. Body shuddering bass, ear piercing guitar and thundering yet oh so precise drumming; these boys know how to put on a show. Precision is what they strive for and they deliver in an almost militaristic fashion, this is particularly noticeable while Liam Andrews is shouting out lyrics like a drill sergeant. They never seem to lose focus. 

After opening with a couple of new songs they mostly stuck to playing tracks from the latest album but mid set they played another fantastic new song. A tribal drum beat with an almost upbeat bass line and a few shimmering guitar stabs. It felt fresh and exciting, although it was in the same minimal direction they have been taking instead of sounding like a George Orwell novel they sounded like a robot jungle party. Hopefully a studio version is on the cards. They played a blistering set for just under an hour and it was cool seeing a bunch of kids get on stage during "You Came To Me Like A Cancer…” and getting right into it. My Disco were much more energetic than last time I saw them and really put on a fantastic show.

Naked on the Vague Myspace
My Disco Myspace

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  1. Kaitlyn permalink
    February 22, 2009 2:21 am

    The live activity feed is new. Who added it? I find it interesting that it says I’m in Adelaide, when actually I’m not. Kind of like saying Ballarat is Geelong, or Geelong is Melbourne or something. Anyway, the fact remains that I am in South Australia, so I guess Adelaide is close enough.

  2. Philippe permalink
    February 22, 2009 6:58 pm

    I think it was Nick, Kaitlyn. I find it odd to that whenever I log on it says I am in Waverton in Sydney, when in actual fact I am nowhere hear there.

    Must be something to do with the ISO’s.

    Anyways I wanted to also mention a few people I know are in NOTV. I found it weird that people were sitting down for them.

  3. James permalink
    February 22, 2009 11:22 pm

    It was meeeeeeee! It sometimes says I’m in Melbourne, though, which is clearly not correct (as much as I’d like it to be occasionally).

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