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Audio Visual #2 – So-Me

February 26, 2009

French graphic illustrator and artistic maestro So-Me has an interesting art / graff technique thing going on. With all the splashing of the colour and bright sounds, you’d think that Justice and the Ed Banger label are the perfect audience to propel your art and videos towards (considering that kind of crowd bleeds fluro fashion most of the time).

But one thing that I find very interesting is how So-Me’s work is becoming much more accepted by hip hop as shown in the below vids as part of this second post in this little Audio / Visual series.

First off, we have some of the famous Justice videos. Probably So-Me’s most well known works, these videos were probably paramount to getting Justice noticed. Both videos have this style about them that moves along. “D.V.N.O.” having that Jackson Five “Can You Feel It” big gargantuan 80’s universe feel to it.

Justice – “D.V.N.O.”

And of course who could forget “D.A.N.C.E.”, a video which probably gets vintage T shirt collectors all in a hot sweat.

Justice – “D.A.N.C.E.

I should also mention that the team of Justice and So Me have designed a Coca-Cola bottle for the Club Coke 09 project as well – a sell out initiative that does nothing else but team up Coke to be marketable in the dance scene. The way it works though is that the bottles are made exclusively available to some of the best clubs around the world (if that’s your thing). It sucks when it gets to the of stage of your career in order to make money in this way, but who am I to complain if you’re able to make a buck from what you love to do?

(video removed by You Tube)
Justice & So Me – “Club Coke Promo

Next is DJ Medhi’s “I Am Somebody”. This is probably one of his lesser known efforts at directing a video. It actually doesn’t feature too much illustration or animation. But the dance moves emulating from the hand greeting gesture thing is exciting to watch.

DJ Mehdi – “I Am Somebody

And here we come to the cashola shot video. Kanye garnered So-Me’s services for “The Good Life” after having that tizz at some awards because Justice won a best video over one of his works. Needless to say ‘Ye did his research and enlisted his services (probably trying to cite his excuse as “If they can get a good video from this guy, so can I”).

Kanye West – “The Good Life

And here is So-Me’s latest work. A much more warped effort than Kanye’s. Eerie to watch, but I just want to watch over and over again for some reason. There seems to be more black and darkness in this one. I suppose it’s a given considering the track is about a “loner stoner”.

Kid Cudi – “Day N Nite

So-Me’s blog which also includes other illustrative work (not all are vids).
A future exhibition for So Me (and selling works for hugely expensive prices, probably) in NYC.
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