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Minus The Bear with Jaguar Love and Straylight Run @ Next (Colonial Hotel) 26-02-09

February 28, 2009

minus the bear
I have to say that Next is pretty bad. Really really hot, too many tiny teenagers and it’s hard to see/move around at all. Although despite this, both Minus the Bear and Jaguar Love put on a fantastic show and Straylight Run did something while I wasn’t really looking but I’m sure it was okay too.

Opening the night was Jaguar Love, which in their current incarnation was a dude on guitar, a dude on vocals and a laptop. Dance beats were blasting while punk riffs were played and the ever so crazy Johnny was singing and screaming his way all around the stage with his unique voice and stage presence. The guys also seemed to play almost have the set in the (slightly afraid) crowd. An amazing energy for just two guys and a computer, they only really played a few songs from the album and then mostly new stuff. The Minor Threat cover was pretty awesome too. “Highways of Gold” was a highlight with Johnny hitting up the keyboard and playing one of album’s best tracks.

I didn’t really watch Straylight Run as I wasn’t really interested and couldn’t really see anyway. They sounded okay but a bit bland. A lot of people seemed interested in them though. Struggled my way downstairs to attempt to get a better spot for Minus The Bear in which I somewhat succeeded. After a hot and surrounded by making out teenagers wait, they finally graced the stage and were pretty great.

Their unique brand of calculated ‘math rock’ was much less relaxing live and much edgier and energetic. The whole band was still amazingly precise, with spiky guitar and such smooth bass lines while Jake Snider sounded much more aggressive and enthusiastic live than on record. The set mostly stuck close to their album new album Planet of Ice, and older fan favourite Menos El Oso, while a few other tracks were thrown that I didn’t know but they sounded great. “The Fix” was awesome with it’s off kilter riff, quick beat and some of the bands best lyrics. The chorus is also so very good. Minus the Bear really put on a show I wasn’t expecting and they somehow managed to be even better at Soundwave the next day.

Jaguar Love Myspace
Straylight Run Myspace
Minus the Bear Myspace

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  1. worldpolice permalink
    March 2, 2009 12:42 pm

    surrounded by making out teenagers

    that was me in the front. sorry!

    excellent show – i was at the front for all of it which was wicked EXCEPT for straylight run which bore the shit out of me.

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