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Soundwave 2009 @ Melbourne Showgrounds 27-02-09

March 2, 2009

I’m going to keep this post short as I think Alexandra will be writing a proper report on Soundwave in the next few days. Firstly I will say this was better than expected and the revamped show grounds make a good festival venue, only bad thing was super long food and bar lines so hopefully they fix that for next time (assuming they don’t go bankrupt). There was no line for curry though, yay! Now to get this post going in dot point style!

Shitty local band (I don’t know their name) and Madina Lake: Holy crap both of these were awful. Horrible Aussie band putting on horrible American pop punk accents and then horrible emo band screaming about how people picked on them at school.

Less Than Jake: Awesome. Been waiting to see these guys for years, played a decent set list (although needed more “Hello Rockview” stuff). Didn’t take themselves too seriously but I guess if your still playing ska/pop punk after all these years then you probably shouldn’t. I kid, they rocked.

Jack’s Mannequin: Watched two songs. Pretty horrible faux emo pop.

Jaguar Love: Fuck yeah! They ruled.

Rival Schools: Not bad, a little bit unengaging but I was sitting pretty far away. Had such a small crowd though and I felt bad for them. I think they had fun though.

Minus the Bear: Awesome. Even better than at their sideshow.

Bloodhound Gang: Watched a little bit. Were terrible.

Billy Talent: I never knew these guys were so famous. I remembered they had that awesome song in Burnout and then I got an album which was average and forgot about them. Almost every song sounded the same, fast paced and with bad vocals. Although the song from Burnout ruled even though they played it last.

New Found Glory: Watched in the stands and they seemed pretty fun even though the set sounded pretty samey. Probably should have put more effort in and got closer but oh well.

Alkaline Trio: Yay! Been waiting a while to see these guys as well, played a pretty cool set with songs spanning their discography and the crowd were loving it. Stupid Kid!

Nine Inch Nails: I’m not really a fan and only saw the last half of the set but it was pretty cool. The light show was pretty sweet and the couple of songs I knew were great. “Hurt” was awesome. A nice end to the day.

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  1. mike.brown permalink
    March 2, 2009 4:55 pm

    I never knew these guys were so famous. I remembered they had that awesome song in Burnout

    That soundtrack got me into Maximo Park. I think there was only one song on it that I really hated.

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