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Nine Inch Nails @ Festival Hall (Melbourne) with Jaguar Love 25/02/09

March 6, 2009

This night is somewhat of a dream come true, a night of many dreams true! I made my way down to Festival Hall and through the sea of Tool and Marilyn Manson tee shirts, to find a spot with a good view, to see these dream come to life! Right now I realise I sound like a real dick, but I can’t help it, this night had been a long time coming!

Dream number one was support act Jaguar Love, made up of Johnny Whitney and Cody Votolato of Blood Brother’s fame. I was a year shy of getting any live Blood Brothers action, but have since been excited to see Jaguar love, with those trade mark screeches of Johnny over the top of Cody’s dirty guitar and the poppy synth loops in place of a drummer. Their set was static and energetic, holding the eclectic audience’s attention, the crowd who were still filing in, stopped to watch the duo on stage straight away. They were the perfect band to start the night and get the audience going, as well as completely blowing me away with their edgy, loud and erratic pink anthems, making up for any time I had missed these boys in the past.

Dream number two was, well, Trent Reznor, naturally! He is an angry man, who appears to always be seething about something, which adds to the intimidating strength of Nine Inch Nails live shows, and tonight was no exception. It was loud and the elaborate light show was blinding, with songs from ever era Nine inch Nails has crossed, with the stripped down line up of Trent and three others allowing them to experiment and play songs never played live before, as well as those loved by all, such as ‘Head Like A Hole’, ‘March of the Pigs’, ‘Hand that Feeds’ and a moving renenditions of ‘Hurt’ finishing the night off, with me shedding a few tears (yeah, yeah.) Trent and his heavy, synth-laden rock and roll songs displayed this great appeal of some giant production, and yet captured the attitude from both performers and crowd of a punk rock club show.

One thing that made the night that little bit more special was Trent’s demeanour, he was calm and seemed genuinely happy and at ease, a rare state for Trent in a live performance. With the announcement of Nine Inch Nails’ hiatus just made the week before, Trent praised the audience with genuine thanks, stating that the last few shows Nine inch Nails had left had been great. Great for him, and even more mind-blowing for me!

Nine Inch Nails MySpace

Jaguar Love MySpace

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