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The Scare’s new single ‘No Money’!

March 11, 2009
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October 2006 saw the release of The Scare’s debut album, Chivalry, after multiple eps. Now, FINALLY three years later, July will hail their sophomore, titled oozevoodoo!

A review is to come, but last week I saw these guys play a set of all new songs from the new album, and I am very, VERY psyched on this one! Catchy, punk tunes with lots of chanting!

Up on their MySpace is the new single, “No Money” which seems to be the perfect encapsulation of what the album is going to be like!


Here it is, NO MONEY recorded at the Grove/BJB studios by Daniel Johns and Chris Townend over summer 08/09.

The song kind of sums up our years as a band.Anybody that visited us in the early days in birmingham or has recently let brock or kiss stay on their floors will vouch for this.

The whole world is starting to catch up! ha.We plan to tour everywhere this year and we are playing a lot of new stuff live.

It feels really good.The album is called “oozevoodoo” and will be out in july in Australia. We have not worked out a UK release date yet but it will come in good time!
ENJOY LISTENING.sam/the scare

p.s we have a video for No Money that should be up in a few days!


The Scare on MySpace

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