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Parades – New single ‘Dead Nationale’

March 13, 2009

At Nickjam, every so often we get emails from bands asking us to check out new songs etc. etc. We got an email from these guys to check out their new single, ‘Dead Nationale’. I listened and I really, really dug it, heaps! I had heard of the band before from various other blog moments around town, but never really took the time to listen to them, but now I have, I am really excited about them. In 2008 they released a self-recored, self-produced, self-everything-ed EP, and this new single is from a new one they have planned for this year sometime.

Anyway, I highly recommend you give ‘Dead Nationale’ a listen, it’s a chilled out track with delicate guitar matched with light but hectic drums, sounding clean and presentable, before breaking into something a little dirtier before the end, light hearted with disenchanted undertones all wrapped up in a pop sensibility to get you moving. Very Radiohead-esque! I’ll also make note of the vocals, dude has a mint voice!

Download ‘Dead Nationale’ here!
Parades MySpace


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