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The Process @ Roxanne Parlour (Melbourne) with the Scare and Last Gypsys (6/03/09)

March 20, 2009

I arrived just in time for Last Gypsys with bluesy, psychedelic rock and roll songs, Brian Jonestown Massacre coming to mind immediately. They were a nice way to warm up my night, it was easy to listen to, but had a slightly haunting appeal about it all, keeping me watching right till the end.

Next was one of my favourite bands, The Scare. The last time I saw this band was about 8 months ago at this same venue, and even though they were good, though seemed annoyed and tired, and have never really blown me away, until tonight! Playing a set off all new (bar one) songs, the quintet seemed energetic and for once enthusiastic, the new songs giving them a new lease, and the ability to spread their wings even further. The Sydney/Birmingham based punk band was loud and hectic, and finally really impressed me. The new songs are just as snide and violent as the old, but just that step up, slightly catchier and infectious. I am hoping this new album pushed them out of the grudge the band seem to have against playing in Australia while allowing people to finally recognise just how talented these five boys are.

Finishing the night was The Process, who were their usually dark and mysterious selves. This band is always loud and atmospheric, tonight being no exception, like some New Order- Ox. Eagle. Lion. Man (that is a band, I’m not saying the band is made up of animals) hybrid, bringing 80’s synth noises to its audience with a contemporary punk rock appeal. They echoed around the venue, and filled every corner with their evocative and linger sound.

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