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Belles Will Ring with Little Scout and Philadelphia Grand Jury @ Spectrum (Sydney), 20-03-09

March 21, 2009

So I really like Spectrum. It’s so nice and tiny and grungy, it’s just perfect for nice little gigs with rocking music. Last time I went there I saw Red Jezebel, with The Retreat and Philadelphia Grand Jury, and also had an excellent time.

Which makes this the second time I’ve seen the Philly Jays at Spectrum, and they really seem to enjoy it there. They weren’t quite as… Weird as last time, but they still managed to create their unique, funny atmosphere and I really enjoyed their stuff. As with last time, their songs were introduced via hilariously over-the-top recordings, and this time I even managed to catch the singer in the act of recording them in the bathroom.

Before the Philly Jays, though, were excellent Brisbane youngsters (well, they weren’t old…) Little Scout. It’s hard to describe their special flavour of indie pop terribly well, but check out their ‘influences’ on MySpace, and you know that if they pull it off (which they do), they’re gonna produce some pretty fantastic music. I bought their EP, The Dead Loss, which is currently ripping onto my computer at this moment, so a review will hopefully be coming soon. Also, the two girls apparently have excellent legs (I wouldn’t disagree, but I can’t say it was the first thing I noticed, ha).

Last for the night was the band we went to see, Belles Will Ring. I didn’t think I actually really knew their LP Mood Patterns all that well, but considering I recognised and loved all the songs they played from that album, there must be something about it that sticks in my mind. The tour itself was supposed to be for ‘mini album’ Broader than Broadway, however most of the stuff they played was from the well-loved Mood Patterns, which made it nice and easy to enjoy. I’m considering going to see them again tonight, but I suspect I should probably stay home and study instead (blah). Maybe next time?

But MAN, one of the guys from BWR had insane hair. We were picking on it all night beforehand, without realising he was a band member. Crazy!

Little Scout MySpace
Philadelphia Grand Jury MySpace (with free downloads!)
Belles Will Ring MySpace
Download Free Tour Sampler (one track from each band)


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