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Sugar Army @ The Evelyn (Melbourne) with Harlequin League, Young Lovers and Howl 19/03/09

March 22, 2009

Starting the night off was Ballarat quintet, Howl, with their catchy pop-infused punk anthems. I’ve seen them several times before and they never cease to amaze me. The five teenage boys’ tunes have a snide, sneaky appeal to them, expressed through witty lyrics well beyond their years, fast-paced keyboard melodies and dirty, rigid guitar pulling it all together. Mixed into their set was a cover of Born Ruffians ‘Little Garcon’, taking the slightly country-esque song and putting their own twist on it with perfectly flawed harmonies and that smart arse attitude I, and many others, love them for.

Second in line was Young Lovers, a band I had seen before, and never remembered them being so boring. They weren’t anything special at all, but just another electro pop band, masquerading as something ‘edgy’ and ‘different’. I can see that each member has great handle on their instrument, but they were flat and pretty boring. The band claimed to not know about playing the show till an hour before they were meant to go on, whether this be true or not, I am unsure. Their INXS cover couldn’t save them tonight.

Next was Harlequin League. I’ve never seen these guys before, and the songs I have heard have never really grabbed me, I sort of shrugged them off to be another prissy ‘electric indie’ band, but – Phoaw!!! live, this band were amazing! They were loud and hectic, and despite a set plagued with some technical difficulties, they soldiered on with a powerful set of erratic pop songs. I was made to swallow every complacent word I may have ever uttered against this band, because they were truly impressive.

Finishing the night was of course, Sugar Army. I had been told many great things about this band, from a friend of mind, enough to spark my curiosity and to go check them out. The Perth quartet, much like Harlequin League, blew me away! They exhumed a constant energy throughout their set of aggressive pop songs, with and exuberant punk appeal, songs joined by jovial and endearing banter. I hadn’t heard much of the bands music before watching them, but I was immediately hooked on their catchy tunes.

Sugar Army MySpace
Harlequin League MySpace
Young Lovers MySpace
Howl MySpace

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