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Yellow Ostrich – Yellow Ostrich (2009)

March 22, 2009

yellow ostrich 
Yellow Ostrich is a guy from Wisconsin and his debut album is an extremely impressive and well formed debut.  I love how easy it is to record music and get it out to people these days, this is bedroom folk at it’s truest and I hope he gets a bit of a following. Yellow Ostrich is just Alex Ostrich and his electric guitar recording some well written songs with a lot of double tracked vocals (quadruple tracked even?) provided by himself. It’s all very moody, emotive and atmospheric.

The LP opens with the amazing “The Fog”. Mournful backing vocals, simple guitar and Alex’s wavering voice over the top. It’s quite haunting with the vocals sounding a bit like a clearer Jeff Mangum and the lyrics deceptively simple. While listening to the album I found myself being reminded of slower Modest Mouse songs, The Music Tapes and even some of Brand New’s more recent work. “The Pillowman” sees Alex using his unique double tracking vocal style to create an emotional wave to lead you out of the song with a rare use of percussion for the album.

“Lost Love’s Voice” rides along on a simple repeating sliding guitar riff while Alex chants “don’t do it” underneath his claim that we’re “all gonna die”. Organs and strings subtly creep in forming a well of noise. “I am a Saviour” takes the idea of repetition further while only relying on a Alex’s voice and the one repeated line. The album finishes with “Red Ribbon” which is a musical accompaniment to a children’s story and it is sort of cute and a tiny bit creepy. This is a really fantastic album, it’s well written and especially well recorded with a lovely dark atmosphere.

Official Myspace
Stream the whole album here


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