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Oh ARIA’s – where are you off to now?

March 24, 2009


Well it looks as if Channel Ten has ended its relationship with the ARIA awards as it official broadcaster of the ceremony. The channel has stayed quite faithful to the awards like a stick of glue – broadcasting 15 of it’s 16 ceremonies.

It’s not necessarily a surprise since Ten has been riddled in debt for some time now, and a lot of resources would have obviously been put into it’s new HD sports channel ONE, to be launched on Thursday. Forking out $1 million to produce one nights of entertainment probably wasn’t worth it in the end in the bank balances. This despite OK ratings, from what I remember reading in the rags.

In any case, a lot of people out there will be celebrating that the awards will possibly be not on TVfor this year at least. Well, free to air TV at least. Musings are abound that this is an opportune time for VH1 or MTV to take on broadcasting the awards. Considering the debarcle (happening this Friday) that is the MTV Awards (an award for “Best Moves”? WTF?), the two music channels on pay TV could do themselves a favour and win a slice of slight cred for obtaining the rights to broadcast Autralia’s premiere music awards ceremony – if you want to call the ARIA’s “premiere”.

I wonder what Rove thinks of this? Watch this space I suppose.

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