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Golden Boots – Winter of Our Discotheque (2009)

April 3, 2009

golden boots 
Alt country is so sweet, intriguing and fun. Golden Boots do it very well so this is very good. Winter of Our Discotheque, seems pretty influenced by Wilco’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot but that’s not really a bad thing as that is one of my favourite albums. Golden Boots also have a lot of folk, pop and rock influences with just enough experimentation in the song writing and production to keep things fresh and exciting.  They are out of Tucson, Arizona and you can really feel the dry heat of the desert in this album and it sounds oh so good.

“Country Bat High II” is a nifty little country pop number with some funky psychedelic guitar, reverby drums and the crackling sounds of joy in the background. Vocals sound a bit like Jeff Tweedy but the lyrics are more abstract than most country I’ve heard, ie; what exactly is a “country bat high”? Maybe it’s an Arizona thing. Following it is the more straightforward “Black and Blue”, quicker and more direct with some cute spiky guitar in the verses before turning on some distortion in the chorus to counter the acoustic guitar’s sweetness, there is a palm muted guitar solo too which excited me a lot.

Through the album there are moments of sonic experimentation in the production which give the album a nice connecting thread, though as the song writing sticks pretty close to pop formulas but it’s not a bad thing such as on “Ghost”. There is some fantastic dissonant shimmering chords in the mix of what would otherwise probably just be a standard (yet great) 60s influenced pop song. This is where the Wilco comparison feels right. It also doesn’t surprise me these guys are touring with Dr. Dog at the moment as you can really hear the similarities, though Golden Boots favour the country side of things a lot more.

Lyrically it really shows these guys are from Arizona with many mentions of the heat and desert but they also step outside of these motifs to deliver some solid lines from time to time. Only now after a fair few listens am I beginning to appreciate and understand some of the tracks. “Makebelieve” is at times a sad track with simple sweet lyrics, “I finally figured out your wayward glance/I finally figured out your mutated stance/Your my kind of girl”, as is closing track “Fear”, as the narrator asks “Where is the wind that blows away all of my doubt and makes me want to stay?”. The lyrics really begin to resonate after several listens are a lot deeper than they first appear. This album is tied together so well by the production and it really puts it a cut above others in the same genre even though it would be good enough through sheer song writing prowess.

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Golden Boots – Winter of Our Discotheque

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  1. Philippe permalink
    April 4, 2009 2:51 am

    Interesting you say that these guys are influenced by Wilco. I thought it was more influenced by Super Furry Animals or something like that…

  2. Nick permalink*
    April 4, 2009 11:25 am

    Perhaps I should listen to Super Furry Animals then, cause anything influencing these guys must be pretty good.

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