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The Smoke – Blood Orange (2009)

April 4, 2009
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“Good Morning Jack, this is the last day of your life. Your job is a bore, your woman a whore and you’re folks say you’re in strife”.
From the opening verse of the first song, you notice there is a slick, streetwise attitude making itself present on Melbourne band, The Smoke’s debut, ‘Blood Orange’.
Track number three is debut single Defeat Retreat, which definitely started my curiosity for this quintet. It’s everything a pop song should be, catchy and memorable, lyrics you can shout with a snide appeal making it’s way through, the ideal snapshot as to what the album encapsulates.

Cassette Culture brings out the acoustic guitar, a sexy bluesy Rolling Stones-esque number, before Sweet Spanish, single number two, picks up the pace slightly, slick, funky and bass-laden

Title track, Blood Orange, is a much more chiller number, with desperate sounding vocals, though still a slightly sneering air covering the song, with Wasted Youth the complete opposite, punky guitar and a that boisterous catchiness  the album began with.

Cut the Breaks sort of stretches the mould, with a bouncy rockabilly beat, before the album finishes with Stoned on Fire, the love song of the album, losing some of the snide, but none of the sass!

The whole album is made up of these ingenious pop songs, that get stuck in your head. It shows off this knack the band have for writing songs that are catchy, but with a real intelligence and wit that a lot of bands lack, rather reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys, with their quick lines and happy-yet-sarcastic melodies.

I suppose that is the best way to sum-up ‘Blood Orange’ –
Sassy, sexy, snide and sleek!
It’s a great pop rock album to sing to, dance to, and I’ am sure do a lot of other activities to, but anyway, basically it’s a great catch, forcing me to push the ‘’Repeat All’ button, and to leave it like that for a long time!

The Smoke on MySpace
The Smoke on Triple J Unearthed


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