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Motion City Soundtrack – I Am The Movie (2002)

April 6, 2009

I am the movie 
Oh boy do you walk the line Motion City Soundtrack. That very fine line between catchy and irritating; sometimes you step over that line but when you are on the right side you do such a good job that I’m prepared to take the good with the bad. The bad mainly being most of the music you made after this album, and the good being this album (well most of it). Pop Punk is hard thing to get right and the pop punk boom that happened in the naughties brought with it a lot of awful albums but some of my nostalgic favourites. I Am The Movie,  is one of these gems and with good reason.

Vocalist Justin Pierre writes lyrics that are clever, empathetic and so far above others in the same genre. He also sings real good: he almost reaches that pop punk whine that can be the death of a band but he tones it down a few steps and manages to make some excellent melodies on this album. The band work best when they favour the pop side of things as their sugary sweet melodies and harmonies sound weak when coupled with fast drumming boring power chord riffs. It is on songs like “The Future Freaks Me Out” that everyone gets a chance to shine with cheery synths and Justin doing his bestest try at a falsetto rattling lyrics off about “Will and Grace” and “Cutting question marks” into his wrists.  Or he goes more introspective on “Indoor Living”, a slower palm muted affair where our narrator is “a wasted conversation” and cheering to “everyone’s that’s dead’”.

With 15 tracks to get through the whole album isn’t all so good so you can probably skip tracks like the super emo “My Favourite Accident” and the boring “Cambridge” but really, they don’t go for that long so it’s no big deal. This is a debut album so there is bound to be some crap on here. “Don’t Call it a Comeback” is a rare moment where the band is able to sound aggressive, loud, and fast.  “Perfect Teeth” rides a strong danceable drum beat and couples the bright synths with some vaguely nostalgic and at times depressing lyrics, with Justin remembering getting “drunk on his parents favourite wine” and “watching reruns of night court on cable TV”. It’s probably hard to recommend this album to people who aren’t 16 or so but if you remember listening to this a while give it a go now and remember how good it was.

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Motion City Soundtrack – I Am The Movie

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