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Spod; the awesome, the great, the interview!

April 10, 2009


Spod is pretty cool, he likes animals, Nintendo DS’s and can often be found dancing around in just his boxer shorts. He was awesome enough to answer a few questions about himself and his crazy, hyperactive brand of electro for me!

1. Who is Spod, and what makes him tick?
Spod is, these days, just me, and at times up to a 9 piece band of musicians from bands I love & respect, and 4 amazing dancers. So in a way, Spod is a malleable entity in which good times can happen for me and my friends. I basically just want to make music that is the embodiment of what I find fun and for what is hopefully fun for whoever shares their time with me at a show or listening to my music.
2. What were some of the inspirations for the album ‘Superfrenz’?
Superfrenz was inspired by my friends and people who have helped me directly or indirectly with what I do, and for making me want to do it, I like to see making music as a personal pursuit when making it that converts into a fun, social situation and excuse to make your friends and strangers happy, so that basically what it’s all about. Titling the album "The Appreciation of Friendship Generosity and the Process of Repayment" wasn’t as catchy, but is actually pretty awesome.
3. Are you crazy all the time, or just on stage?
Stage is a loose term, the worlds a stage, and also my oyster for me to stage on. But it does take a lot of quiet focus to build up enough power to unleash on a show, a low heavy burn is constantly gnawing at my being waiting for that chance to party. I’ll never be that ‘crazy guy’ at a party in a tutu, or going to a Big Day Out in a team outfit, I think timing and intention is underrated when gettin’ the "lid off".
4. Polaroids of Androids voted you Person of the Year in 2008, did you get an awesome tiara?
They’re totally correct, it’s a seemingly very accurate team they’ve got over there. I got the most elaborate and wonderfully brilliant Tiara of Emotion, you couldn’t even start to beleive how amazing it is! Seriously though, they have brilliant taste over there in my opinion, so that was a pretty awesome honor.
5. You have a couple of Sydney dates coming up (Essential Festival and Come Together Festival, for those playing at home) but when can we expect you reeking havoc in Melbourne again?
I’m actually down in Melbourne supporting Matt & Kim on the 1st of May, which is max exciting. Should be a great show, they’re cute fuckers!!
6. What is next for Spod? Any new material in the works?
I’ve started writing the new album and it’ll be an exciting one if it all pans out, i’ll just say that. I’m also working on an album with Simon from Sekiden called Wet Stallions which is turning out to be quite a dance explosion, and i’m hopefully going to start working with Richard In Your Mind on their new record, which is sounding like probably the greatest album of our time, and could make everyone else quit music due to the fact that they’ve finally made the best album of all time.
I’m also working on a new film clip, my second personally produced clip (Dead being the first) which i’m very VERY excited about. I’d like to make a million clips this year, so much fun!

Spod on MySpace

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