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New Music Round Up

April 11, 2009

So I was getting a bit sick of doing the old ‘2 New Songs, 1 Old One’ thing, hence why you haven’t seen it in while, so I decided I would just let y’all know about a few (fairly) new tracks I have been digging. Starting about now.

Aleks and The Ramps – Antique Limb
This has been my introduction to Aleks and The Ramps and I like. Melbourne kids create a shiny indie pop groove here that sounds more Canadian than Australian, but is still good and different enough to stand apart from those doing similar things. Boy and Girl vocals, wandering bass line and hand claps aren’t the only fun things in the track as they experiment with time changes and dissonant production before reverting back to crazy catchy guitar hooks and harmonies; all in under 4 minutes. It’s all quite deliriously giddy but the song writing is deeper than you would first think.

Wale (featuring Lady Gaga) – Chillin’
So I wonder why Wale got Lady Gaga on this track; was it his label’s idea? I’ve never liked her and she just sounds like a failed M.I.A on this track but she still provides a solid hook for Wale to create a beat around so it’s not all bad. Lyrically it’s a lot more shallow than anything from his mixtape of last year which is disappointing but the rave styled beat with thumping bass and colourful synths with some clever, although a bit obvious, sampling make it a really fun dance track. This single could make him huge if radio get’s behind it. I hope he raps about something more than himself for the rest of his debut album though.

Grizzly Bear – Two Weeks
Never really listened to the indie superstars that are (is?) Grizzly Bear until their new album of this year. “Two Weeks” works so well because of the vastness of the production coupled with chinking piano keys and some amazing vocal work. So much is going on in the chorus but it never sounds cluttered, there is so much room for each instrument and a spectacular soundscape has been created. Listen closely and you’ll hear things you never noticed. This is a fantastically layered pop song.

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