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Ben Kweller with Oh Mercy @ Metro Theatre (Sydney), 11-04-09

April 13, 2009


I was rather apprehensive before this gig, to say the least. You see, as much as I love Ben Kweller, for his last album (this year’s Changing Horses) he, well, changed horses, and released a pretty pure country record. Despite some catch tracks, I was rather disappointed by it overall, and I was expecting the worst from his gig.

But I was to be pleasantly surprised! He did play a fair bit from Changing Horses, but there was also a great deal from his older albums, mostly Sha Sha and his self-titled. There was a disappointing lack of numbers from my favourite On My Way, but I was content with the rest. Also, his recent stuff was less country than it was on the record. He had a pretty full band behind him, so it was fleshed out with nice guitar and drums, a much nicer sound to my ears.

The stuff that sounded the best was off his self-titled, I think, as I guess it’s his best known, and the crowd really got into it. This was best seen when he played Sundress, and the band built up before the chorus, only to go all quiet once it started, just to tease the crowd. That said, when they finally did rock out (third time lucky), they really did rock the fuck out, and the crowd (me included) loved every moment.

I always forget how much I like BK, but his concert was pretty amazing, and I guess all I can do is hope he goes off country pretty soon, and maybe plays I Need You Back next time he tours.

Oh, and Oh Mercy. I almost forgot. They were pretty good, but didn’t live up to the support act standards of the last few gigs I’ve been to. I guess that’s what you get for being treated so kindly. I might check them out soon, though, I assume they would be pretty interesting on record, and I did like the sound of the vocals.

Ben Kweller MySpace
Oh Mercy MySpace

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  1. April 13, 2009 3:12 pm

    Certainly was a good concert, which left a bit to think about in terms of Ben Kweller’s future directions. I found it interesting to compare the songs on his new album with how they were played in-concert, and it seems that when live, he brought them to life much more. It made for an odd thought in me, that when listening at home, I would skip right past the songs in his new album, but when played live they were the highlight of the night.

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