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Sparkadia with The Jezabels and The John Steele Singers @ Factory Theatre (Sydney), 4-4-09

April 13, 2009


Oops, I left this as a draft on my computer a while ago and completely forgot to finish it.

It’s odd how some things work out. Like, the format of this gig, and my reaction to it, was almost identical to the Belles Will Ring gig I went to not long back. By that I mean the first support (The Jezabels) was excellent, the second (John Steele Singers) was okay, but nothing special, and the third was really good, but nothing unexpected.


I’ve heard about the Jezabels before, but I’ve never taken too much notice. Kind of regretting that now, as they put on a really good show, despite the closest crowd members being quite a way back from the stage (you can blame the layout of the Factory for that, it’s silly). They were really fun and energetic, and afterwards I ran into their pianist. Um, like collided with. Oops. I also bought their EP, but I haven’t yet recovered it from my friend.

The John Steele Singers had some intrigue about them just because of their name. Lexie thought it was a good thing, whereas I thought it sounded like they would have long hair and play country music. I was half right, as overall they did have an exceptional amount of hair. They weren’t country, but I found them pretty boring. The crowd seemed to like them a lot, though, so maybe they’re easier to get into on record, or something.

Sparkadia were, well, Sparkadia. I thought they were really good, and I loved singing along to my favourite tracks from Postcards. I also can’t help but mention the lead singer’s hair, which resembled something out of Grease. It suited him and the music, I think.

The thing about the main act, though, was that as good as they were, I think they were, for me, outdone by the Jezabels. Not because they sucked, hell no. It’s more that I knew they would be good. The Jezabels were such a welcome and unexpected surprise that they kind of blew me away a bit. I don’t know, maybe that’s half the fun of going to gigs?

Sparkadia MySpace
The Jezabels MySpace
The John Steele Singers MySpace


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