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Luluc @ Readings Bookstore, 17-04-09

April 19, 2009

I’ve never been to a gig at a bookstore before but turns out it is quite nice. Zoe and co all seemed rather nervous playing to a crowd they could actually see due to the lighting but this was the most talkative I have seen them. They even made a few jokes; it was crazy as they always seemed so serious and sombre. They also played some music; that was good too. The usual duo of Zoe Randell and Steve Hasset were joined by another guy who I’m pretty sure was Pete Cohen on the double bass, and he really added some depth to their lovely sparse folk songs.

They played a short set of songs from their new album Dear Hamlyn, and Zoe’s voice was exceptionally beautiful along with her softly finger picked acoustic guitar. Steve’s soft electric guitar adds a lovely layer to these well crafted folk songs and I’ve never noticed what a bang up job he does of backing vocals. “The Wealthiest Queen” was haunting and despite the bright lighting of the bookstore the trio were able to create a wonderful atmosphere. I was mere metres away from Zoe but after the show I still couldn’t muster the courage to talk to her. Oh well, one day…

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