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Anois – Tree House Whispers (2009)

April 21, 2009


Such a tranquil and delicate album from an outfit who literally just came out of nowhere for me. Seriously – this is something that is just majestic and extends the benchmark of what twee indie music should aspire to. “Happy Holiday” is so so very dreamy, while “Beds And Dishes” hops around sounding so very excitable with glockenspiel aplenty.

This music seems so fragile and softly spoken and just emulates a stunning acoustic electronic atmosphere that kind of borders on experimental, but not quite, teetering on something that resembles minimalistic pop all recorded in a wooden shed somewhere. The album is permeated with simple intrumentation, which really brings the “less is more” statement to full effect.

Lars Kranholdt and Anne Baier are the two who make up Anois, and they are out of Germany. I was only notified of them through a freind of mine who delves into this acoustic electonic stuff on a daily basis. I, on the other hand have not given this genre any good time apart from the ever haunting Juana Molina. Much like Juana, Lars and Anne’s voices are just so soft and sweet and pose as a wonderful soundtrack to the upcoming winter. The track “A Noise” emulates this perfectly, even with handclaps and a lone bass drum. Tree House Whispers is definately to be listened to with the warm gloves on and a tightly worn beanie, all while you dream of playing in the snow. Just beautiful folktronic fragile stuff.

Anois – Tree House Whispers (free download care of Aerotone)
Anois myspace

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