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Well… Alexandra will be happy

April 24, 2009

Mercy Arms have explained all this hullabullo was for nothing.

I have to admit – I’m a bit befuddled out by this band. I saw them once in this horrible uni bar and three of the guys were wearing skin tight white jeans, fluro feather boas and fringes emo’s would be proud of. Considering the blusterous noise that came out of the PA which was apparently music, I could only conclude this band has a following because people want to come and stare at their stupid clothes. The next time I saw them, they just didn’t want to even look at the crowd themselves.

Or maybe I was just having a bad day at both gigs (sorry Alexandra).

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  1. Alexandra permalink
    April 25, 2009 10:59 am

    Haha! Dude, we de-binked this already!
    Wikipedia as the source of their breakup? What fewls.
    Good to hear it from the horse’s mouth though.
    RE: Live – I saw them at this years BDO and I thought they were pretty average. I was really dssappointed, because I love. love. love them.
    I’ve missed them any other time they’ve played.
    Whoch bums me out, but this news hopefully means I will see them again one day and they will PROVE US ALL WRONG!
    I srsly lv thm lts.

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