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The Drones / Kev Carmody / Witch Hats @ The Metro Theatre, 25/04/09

April 27, 2009


It was a night when a band which seems to be on that never ending tour just cogs out yet another outstnding performance. The Drones in all their glory churn out this brilliance with the regularity of the Sun orbiting the Earth.


First up in the night were Witch Hats. I came through the doors a few songs into their set and a sizable crowd already were eagerly looking on at this group completely thrashing out on stage. I found it fairly rawkus and rock ‘n roll with the guys definately looking like they were enjoying themselves on stage. There were two ruining factors to thier set for me though: 1) they need to be less self depricating. The fact at one point the singer said “you don’t want to hear my singing” to a member of the crowd doesn’t really show confidence in their abilities and, 2) (although this isn’t really the bands fault) some dweeb right next to me shouting stupid puns like “Which Hats? Commonwealth Hats!”.


Kev Carmody charmed the pants off me with his wonderful stories of overcoming barriers and stepping stones to get where he is today. He said himself that he seemed out of place in between the harshness of both Witch Hats and The Drones, which in a way was true. I mean how many grandfathers do you see play with The Drones? The audience didn’t want a bar of that and lapped all the tunes this 60 year old had to offer. All culminating in that wonderful familiar singalong of “From Little Things Big Things Grow”.


Now – The Drones. Do they ever get tired of being this fantastic? I have to say, despite them touring so much as of late, I have only seen them twice in concert (the first time was at Golden Plains). This performance blasted any preconceptions that I thought they wouldhave of them being either tired or over the touring game. “Shark Fin Blues”, “You’re Acting’s Like The End Of The World”, “The Minotour” were all tackled with an impressive tough stamina, and Liddard and co just poured their musical souls into the set. The guys even surprised me at times, one of those times being an acoustic being played for “Sixteen Straws” in the encore. I obviously am naive to The Drones live experience, as I thought heavy distortion was the order of the day for these folks.

Once again this quartet did not fail to impress and I have been intrigued more about their music (after hearing so much from Nick & Alexandra about them on here).

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