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Green Day – Know Your Enemy video

April 28, 2009

So MTV has the new Green Day clip exclusively (for now) streaming up on their website. I assume you’ve all heard the song on the radio by now right? You know, it’s sort of boring and hard to remember and no where near as good as the lead off single from last album. I’m still holding out hopes for the new album because, unlike most old school Green Day fans, I dug American Idiot for the most part.  The clip here seems like it cost of a lot of money to do a whole lot of nothing. The best part is when their shadows catch on fire and they do some slow motion shots; while the rest of the clip is just shots of a black shirted, yet, red tie-less Billie Joe and some tall buildings at night time. Maybe the song’s just a grower. 

Check it out here

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  1. April 30, 2009 8:45 pm

    I like it how your link (trackback thing) is the second comment on the video, the first being “haha MTV you made a typo”.

    I like the flaming shadows (that’s the only reason I watched it), but the rest is, yeah, kinda boring.

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