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New Music Round Up

May 1, 2009

Sorry for the lack of updates from me lately but I’ve been feeling spectacularly unmotivated for reasons that I can’t quite put my finger on. I have a whole list of albums I should be reviewing, but at this moment I would much rather just write about some cool new songs I’ve been digging. No one listens to albums any more right?

Kid Sam – We’re Mostly Made Of Water
Kid Sam are a duo of cousins out of Melbourne who released their self titled debut last month which, after hearing this song, I’m on the look out for. “We’re Mostly Made of Water” starts with a catchy distorted guitar line that turns pristine when the haunting vocals kick. The clanking drum beat is at odds with the calm melody but they work together and to make this one strangely relaxing  jam. Kieran’s vocals are probably the highlight here and this guy really knows how to use his voice against the wonderful soundscape these two have created together. If you didn’t notice I’m finding this track really hard to describe so just go listen to it.

Manchester Orchestra – The Only One
This is different. Andy decides to sound upbeat, almost happy and a little bit crazy on this pop song from their latest album. This is a far cry from his usual ‘cry yourself to sleep’ lyrics and melodies; the rest of the band is in fine form too with synths, guitar and drums all kicking into high gear to create some good rock hooks. The production is layered as fuck and perhaps there is too much going on here but if they decide to use this as a single it could really push them from the depths of cult emo favourites, into Triple J backed indie darlings. I guess they are playing Splendour too so that could help.

Nana Grizol – Less Than the Air (By Dave Dondero)
A little bit folksy and a little bit country, but with the jangly guitars and distinctly American vocals giving this perfect  crossover appeal. It’s mostly just a great pop song. Perfectly capturing moments of bliss and anger, with almost out of time drumming and twee keys while the mid song  singer Theo Hilton claims “dipty dip my mental record starts to skip”, you know this band has a sense of self and no pretentions. The album is good too.

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