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St Helens – Heavy Profession (2009)

May 2, 2009


One of the most ‘Melbourne’ bands around, St Helens, have finally released their debut long player ‘Heavy Profession’ on DotDash recordings. I has seen little bit and pieces about St Helens in various street press, and had caught a few of the band that St Helens’ members are involved with, but had never actually heard anything from this band, but I bought the album on a whim, and it is definitely a favourite of 2009 already.

Opening the album is Don’t Laugh, the perfect snapshot right at the beginning of the album to show what is to come. Starting with percussion and a nonchalant bass line, it has a chilled, laid back appeal. My personal favourite is track number 3,  ‘How To Choose Your Guru pt. 2, with this slightly reggae-esque vibe, to be followed by the slow, rolling, country number St Luke with the guitar rising and falling to a lethargic drum rhythm. The Only Ghost In The Room is the pop(ish) song on the album, with a steady-but-catchy beat, Hannah Brooks’ and Jarrod Quarrall’s vocals, somewhat opposite to each other, work together perfectly. Positivity is a lengthier tune, dark and moody vocals make their way in repeating the one word over and over again, churning into a spaced out, atmospheric soundscape.

At moments the duelling vocals of Brooks and Quarrall disguise each other, making words and meaning hard to distinguish, but it is engaging, intriguing and if I were one to take drugs, this would probably the album I would take drugs to (drugs are bad, by the way. At least, that’s what I have heard.) It isn’t an album that has a great amount happening, it isn’t loud and raucous, in-your-face, but a lazy Sunday afternoon album why still encapsulating ‘gutter living’, the City and all that sort of ‘selling drugs to pay the rent’ kind of attitude with jaunty guitar, indolent drums and blasé. casual vocals.

St Helens MySpace

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  1. Philippe permalink
    May 3, 2009 12:43 am

    Nice review Ali.

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