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The Jezabels @ Hopetoun Hotel (Sydney), 6-5-09

May 8, 2009


The Jezabels

Okay so it wasn’t just the Jezabels playing Wednesday night at the Hopetoun – they were supporting Bluejuice, and they were preceded by a band whose name I have sadly forgotten (Lexie, help?). But we left before Bluejuice started and, well, as I said, I don’t know the other band’s name.

Other band was not bad; good for wandering off to some other place in your head, which I was perfectly content to do for a while. Not brilliant, but I quite enjoyed them overall. I’m sorry, I’d write more, but frankly I didn’t pay all that much attention, and it’s not as if I’ll be promoting them anyway, considering the lack of name. I’m such a bad reviewer, eh?

The Jezabels were what we went to see, though, and as usual they did not disappoint! We got nice and close to the stage, to get the best view of our favourite new discovery. They played a number of songs I didn’t recognise, most of which made me want to see them even more and hope that they might release another EP (or even an album!) sooner rather than later. Then there were, of course, the excellent favourites like Disco Biscuit Love, Be a Star, and Electric Lover (which I had stuck in my head the whole way home). And frick, apparently I just named the three songs on their MySpace. Coincidence? Well, yes.

After they finished their set, we (well, not me specifically…) got up the courage to go and talk to Sam, the guitarist, to see if they had any t-shirts on sale (we saw some when they supported Sparkadia). They did, in fact, but we’d have to wait a while until they brought the car around. No problem, and wait we did. We got chatting to singer Hayley while trying on t-shirts (sadly they didn’t have one in my size…), and I can wholeheartedly say that both she and Sam are amazingly nice. We were all like “omg we’re talking to the Jezabels!!” and they were all “omg what we have fans?!” so it was pretty fun, even though Hayley seemed a bit tired and discontented with their performance.

So anyway yeah, now I can say that I’ve met some of my current favourite local band. Pretty cool, no?

They said they’ll be doing some more shows after finishing with Josh Pyke’s upcoming tour, so I’ll be on the lookout for when they are. Maybe I’ll even get a t-shirt? Oh, speaking of JP’s tour, my Mum is going to the Ballarat show next Thursday (although she won’t know until Sunday). Y’all should pop in and say hi.

Jezabels MySpace

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  1. May 9, 2009 3:15 pm

    Deep Sea Arcade was the first band. I think…

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