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Mum Smokes – Easy/House Music (2009)

May 17, 2009



house music

House Music

Releasing a double album’s worth of original material is a pretty ambitious venture at most times. You don’t see many of them being released at all nowadays, let alone any being from local artists. I’ve heard there is various reasons for this. The most regular reason popping up being that our short attention spans don’t warrent a listening session for any more that 5 or so songs. This is a shame, because it really doesn’t allow for the listener to experience what I like to call “The Journey”. This experience is something else. The Journey (hence being referred to without quotation marks) is remarkable for getting you to places so far out while at the same time you are just actually physically sitting in a chair eating Cheetoes.

But enough natter about almost nothing, these two albums are strikingly contrasting with their Journeys, but at the same time, they coherently fit nicely and complement each other brilliantly. Easy is, well, um easy in it’s attitude to the tunes and melodic forms. Alot of fiddly notes here and there and some interesting lyrical nuances making it perfect for some relaxation time in the sun drenched backyard. “These Fish” is certainly a song to listen to for a bit of a smirk however while sitting out there. House Music, however is probably the more experimental cousin to Easy: it does drift much like the preceding album, but there is this interesting psychedelic feel to it while being a little more jammy. “Jazz Tiger” gives a prime example of this. It is late on the House Music side where we see the band shine “Out My Window” just sparkles, with vocals that croon and some lovely backing sounds that make it perfect afternoon music. “Health & Girls” also does this, albeit in a much more haunting way

The press release states Easy was recorded between January 2006 and March 2007 while House Music was constructed between August 2007 and September 2008. The two albums certainly give the idea of different times and different moods which the band wanted to take their music as there’s many a mixture of Journeys of pure silliness, Journeys of stunned seriousness and Journeys of musical ecstasy. It makes for an in depth listening experience over the 31 tracks.

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