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The Scare @ Too Many Creeps (CBD Nightclub, Melbourne) with Terrordactyl and Madonna 14/05/09

May 18, 2009


Opening the night to a crowd of no more than twenty was Terrordactyl, a band very hard to pin down. loud and boisterous, most evidently we have a punk band on our hands, but then change of song came a change of genre. Vocally, something wasn’t working to well (equipment wise, I think) but the music they played was hectic, keeping assumption as bay. There were moments of dancey drumbeats, followed by some metal-esque riffs bashed out on duelling electric guitars.

Filling the middle spot was Madonna (not the old trannie), with their frantic and clearly inebriated frontman running around the stage, bashing random noise out on a synthesiser and showing off with handstands, more than actually singing. It was just a loud mess of nothing much, really.

Then of course was The Scare. Though it was only a month or so since I had seen them last, it was exciting to hear their new songs again, instantly recognisable, showing off a somewhat more mature song-writing ability with no less raucous and bravado than the old. Every time I see them, they continually manage to blow me away more and more than the time before, curling their way through a set including new single ‘No Money’ (currently making itself known on the Triple J airwaves), ‘She Can’t Say No’ and also graced the set with crowd pleaser and only older song of the night, ‘Bats! Bats! Bats!’, Frontman Kiss Reid doing his usual ‘sauntering around-screaming in people’s faces act, something that continually has me watching this band in awe and from a safe distance. Their second album oozevoodoo is due out soon. Hurry the fuck up!

The Scare

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