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Holly Throsby with Little Scout @ The Vanguard, Newtown, 30-5-09

May 31, 2009

Oh my gosh, could you imagine a nicer thing to do on a cold winter’s (close enough!) night than being entertained by the likes of Holly Throsby and Little Scout, all the while being served tasty food and drink (the ‘Vanguard Affogato’ was especially tasty)? No, because I don’t know that you could get any better!

littlescoutI’d never been to the Vanguard before (sadly I missed Andrew Bird last year), and was eager to see what it was like. I was not to be disappointed, with a lovely atmosphere and, as mentioned, tasty food and beverages. That said, I would not recommend general admission tickets, as the view and comfort level is nowhere near as good, as far as I could tell.

From what I’d heard, I thought there were two supports – Little Scout and Deep Sea Arcade – but only Little Scout played, and there was no mention of Deep Sea Arcade not being able to make it, so I can only assume that they were supporting one night each. If that’s the case, boy am I glad we went last night, because I simply adore Little Scout. (Note: Just check Holly’s MySpace and it confirmed that one of them supported each night, which was planned).

Their lineup had changed a bit since last time – their keyboardist / backup singer / hand clapper has been replaced, although I couldn’t really tell the difference too much. Despite some initial cabling problems, they put on a really lovely set of their cute little brand of indie/pop/folk/country/icantclassifymusic, and the crowd adored them. Hopefully they make the trip down from Brisbane more often in the future!

hollythrosbyYou know, apparently Holly Throsby usually plays with like some sort of a proper band and stuff, but I’ll be darned if I’ve ever seen it happen. Well, out of the two times I’ve now seen her, they’ve both been more or less solo, anyway. I think she works like that, though. But by ‘more or less solo’, I mean last time was solo but this time she had oh my gosh all of Sydney’s music scene come and help her out at times.

Lemme see… There was Bree van Reyk, her usual drummer, who did some backup vocals and played accordion and some other things. Then there was Aidan Roberts of Belles Will Ring playing some extra guitar, including a supermarket ‘kit’ guitar, and another girl, Caitlin Park, playing a mini guitar. Then there was, oh my, Mr Jack Ladder! Which makes this the second time I’ve seen them together, although this time Jack played with Holly, and was also considerably less inebriated. He is so tall! And has an awesome voice and guitar skills and stuff. Seeing him last night probably made me want to listen to some of his own stuff more than his solo show, if only because the heavy drunkenness rather put me off last time. Hrm.

Last of all, on came (holy moly!) Sarah Blasko! I mean, who said anything about me having a certain poster of a certain somebody in my room? Ahem. But it was pretty much the best thing ever. They sung the last song before the encore. It was a cover. Guess what it was? Eleanor Rigby! Best. Night. Ever.

Holly Throsby MySpace
Little Scout MySpace

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