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Ladytron w/ Pivot @ The Opera House 03/06/09 (as part of The Luminous Festival)

June 5, 2009


The person who was so kind to get me tickets to this quizzical eclectic show of tre-cool electronica at the Opera House made the point that despite all the very attractive girls in the audience for the show, 90% of them would be lesbians. Now, I didn’t really agree with him to an extent, considering that there were a fair proportion of male/female couples from what I could see, and the fact that I failed to see how Ladytron’s music would appeal to the crowd that was made up mainly of lesbians. I’d like to think that a whole heap of different bands, genres music movements would appeal to a whole heap of people from a whole heap of lifestyles that are hugely diverse. Have i missed something here?

I hope that above paragraph made sense considering it was intended to be more a rant than a review, and so with that I deem that this review starts now:

Pivot are a band who I could watch over and over and never get bored of. They have perfected the art of instrumental rock without becoming overbearing. Never really fitting into the post rock mould, the three piece are beautifully brutal. I’d forgive you if you easily put them into that basket of post rock, but i’d argue that they would be too precious to be put in there. However, they suited being a support for Ladytron performing epic sounding songs like “O Soundtrack My Heart” and “Didn’t I Furious” with so much fervour and passion. The latter only being preceded by some improvising which sonically sounded amazing, and drew back to a more experimental time which I remember them being more fond of back in their earlier days as a live band.

The lights were dimmed in the back of the stage and it seemed all the light was shone upon the two female singers of Ladytron (which is a shame because I actually wanted to see the whole band and not just the singers only), who really only got in to the swing of things a few songs in. I suppose it’s the fact that I am not so much familiar with their material other than “Seventeen” and I’d be classified as one of “those” kind of punters really knowing the one or two songs you have heard on the radio. Despite this, songs like “Ghost” showed that they can get emotionally dense in a slightly electronic-indie way. Their expansive sounds really shining through in the theatre. It was probably the most aurally best show I have heard in a while. By the time the last song, “Destroy Everything You Touch” was performed, you knew these music savants were bringing some great grooves when the crowd (including the luminary Brian Eno who was sitting behind me and just to my right), stood up as one and overthrew the Opera House protocol of staying in the seats and moved their bodies in the grand halls.

Luminous Festival (curated by Brian Eno)
Pivot website myspace
Ladytron website myspace

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  1. nenne permalink
    June 9, 2009 3:20 pm

    how did you know the sexual orientation of the majority of the crowd? did you do a census of some sort in there?

  2. Philippe permalink
    June 9, 2009 3:38 pm

    I didn’t know this, my friend “knew” this… I didn’t believe him that there would be a lot of people with that sexual orientation of the crowd to an extent. But when you see 4 couples in the foyer pashing before the show and the gender of the pashees are all female, well, you kind of get an idea…

    Note the quotation marks. They just may just have been aroused by the lights for all I know.

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