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June 5, 2009

Sort have been lacking enthusiasm in writing album and live show reviews lately so I thought I would change the format of my posts up a bit and I hope I’m not cramping Phil’s style over here. So I’ll start off with Wagons. Wagons are pretty cool; they are from Melbourne and they do that whole alternative  country thing with an original style and a certain force that others from the same genre just don’t even attempt.

“Goodtown” is a rollicking good time and sounds like a family of musicians just hangin’ and chilin’ while writing some cool country muisc with sexy guitar licks and warm melodies. There are some intense moments here too, a wall of noise kicks in around the two minute mark and comes back occasionally so you can bang your head if you really want.

“Evette” shows Henry Wagon’s powerful vocals with, what sounds like to me, a tiny tiny bit of a prog rock influence at least in the keyboard department. Sounds strange yeah, but y’know I reckon it’s there. The chorus is large with hand claps and old western style guitar. A great pop song and a very good Australian band. They are on tour at the moment so go check them out. 

Goodtown mp3
Evette mp3

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